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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Mid-East CTC – Adult Education is required to ensure that students receiving federal student aid are making adequate progress toward completing their program.  Official Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will be calculated at the conclusion of each payment period.  All programs have two payment periods and the half way point is when half of the hours and weeks have been completed.  No aid will be disbursed in the 2nd payment period unless student is meeting SAP!

Once it is determined that a student is not meeting SAP, a Financial Aid Notice will be sent to the student.  In order for the student to continue receiving financial aid, the student must maintain SAP according to the following standards:


  • Student must maintain a cumulative grade Average of a C or better (All health and Public Safety programs required a B)
  • Students must be working toward completion on a specific program.


  • Attendance:  Completed half of the hours and weeks of the program’s academic year
  • Maximum Timeframe to Complete:  Students must complete within 111% of the normal length of the program to remain on aid.  For example, if a program takes 900 hours to complete the maximum timeframe would be 990 hours at the same pace of the normal program hours. 

Financial Aid Notice:

Attendance and Grades are checked at the end of each payment period.  If it is determined that the student is not meeting SAP Standards, the student will lose financial aid eligibility for the next payment period until SAP is met.  It is the student’s responsibility to work out a plan of action with the Instructor.  The plan of action will include requirements for minimum attendance (90%) minimum grades, and/or a weekly mandatory check in with the instructor and Financial Aid office.  Students may be required to attend regular classroom hours plus a combination of homework assignments, clinical/lab time, and/or online coursework as part of the plan of action.  All minimum requires must be met for the student to be back in good standing and regain financial aid eligibility.  Student will be notified when SAP has been met.

Additional Notes:  A student who is not receiving aid due to unsatisfactory progress will have their aid reinstated only when the student is meeting the standard or wins an appeal.  A student who becomes ineligible for aid will be responsible for paying all fees that were not covered by financial aid.

SAP Appeal

A student may submit an appeal within 5 days in the form of a letter along with any supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Coordinator describing circumstances beyond the student’s control that may have caused a failure to meet the satisfactory progress standards. The Adult Director and Financial Aid Coordinator will make a determination of the appeal within 5 days. Cases will be reviewed on an individual basis and the student will be notified of his/her appeal results. If the appeal is approved the student will be placed on financial aid probation.  Probation will allow student to still receive financial aid, but will be required to meet SAP by the end of the probation period (usually one payment period).